SGL Royal Kapita To Support Ghana’s Agricultural Sector

Dr.Bernard Tetteh-Dumanya, Group Chief Executive Officer

Dr.Bernard Tetteh-Dumanya, Group Chief Executive Officer

SGL Royal Kapita one of Ghana’s emerging financial institutions has introduced among other services an Investment Service package aimed at supporting organizations and individuals working in the Agricultural sector.

According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Bernard Tetteh-Dumanya the initiative will be targeted towards farmers and other agric workers to help them determine retirement income goals and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals.

He explained further that, though Ghana is doing well in the Agricultural sector, the fundamentals still remain fragile due to insecurity and the high risks associated withthe sector.

“We need to help Farmers to identify and consolidate their sources of income, and estimating expenses.This we believe, is the taskSGL Royal Kapita is set to implement by developing a savings and pension program tailored to meet the needs of those in the Agricultural Sector”, He Stressed.

The essence of these is for farmers to secure steady cash flow for an individual during and after their retirement years.

He noted that, the organization has developed many investment plans and schemes which will provide various benefits for the sector. For instance, ‘they have productsfor farmers which are designedto grow funds forindividualsand are redeemedat a later point in retirement life for enjoyment.

The schemes as listed includes: SGL Retire Royal Plan, SGL Royal Annuities, SGL Mutual Funds, SGL Royal Stocks & Bonds, SGL Royal Estate Planning, SGL Royal College Funding, andSGL Royal Life Cover.

All the products have a considerable amount of flexibility and investments are made to guarantee farmers for life.He reiterated that, Ghana’s growth and development depends on the agriculture sector which is the life blood of the economy and since majority of our people are in this sector, there is a need to deliver services that are rooted in our cultural and ethical values to them.

SGL Royal Kapita Limited (“SGL Royal Kapita”). is the investment Advisory subsidiary of the Stepwise Group. SGL Royal Kapita was set-up to deliver customized investments banking services with special focus on Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Business & Investment Advisory, Pensions & Collective Investment Schemes and Business & Financial Research.

SGL Royal Kapita was incorporated on November 29, 2013 and commenced Business December 02, 2013 as a private company limited by shares. It has registration number CS318622013 with the company TIN number C0002923246

SGL Royal Kapita is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stepwise Group Limited (SGL). SGL is a Ghanaian based business entrepreneurial development and capacity building firm incorporated in Ghana in 2008. SGL Royal Kapita is governed by a Board of Directors who offer strategic direction for the company and a vibrant management team that implements the strategy. SGL Royal Kapita has been licensed by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as well as National Pension and Regulatory Authority (NPRA).

Dr.Bernard Tetteh-Dumanya, Group Chief Executive Officer
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