Prostate Supplement Launched For Ghanaian Men

Men’s Health Foundation Ghana and Gold Crown Ghana Limited, distributors of food supplements, have launched the Bronson ProstaHealth for Ghanaian men concerned about their prostate health and those diagnosed with prostate diseases.

The product which has been registered by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) helps support a healthy prostate.

According to Dr Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, the founder of the Men’s Health Foundation, the supplement is formulated with the finest supplement that supports all the three aspect of prostate health from hormonal, urinary and general well-being.

Bronson’s ProstaHealth offers a healthy, natural approach to managing prostate function and enlarged prostate, a major health issue among black men, which usually begins after the age of 40 and is present in nearly all men by the age of 70.

Symptoms may include difficulty urinating, interrupted sleep due to frequent urination at night, sense of urgency and slow urine flow.

As an all-natural product, Bronson ProstaHealth  is a drug free way to maintain a healthy prostate, the unique formula provides a blend of essential prostate support nutrients like zinc, vitamins B6 and E, along with saw palmetto, pygeum extracts as well as pumpkin seed oil and uva-ursi for maximum results.

According to experts, prostate supplements are the most effective ways to help naturally manage prostate health. Along with diet and exercise, prostate supplements can help support the natural response to assisting in prostate health and the regulation of prostate related hormones.

Prostate cancer is rising in black communities at dramatic rates. Statistics indicates that one in four black men would get prostate cancer and although treatable, prostate cancer leaves men with incontinence, erectile dysfunction and a severely impacted quality of life. Almost all men would also at some point have symptoms of enlarged prostate.

Prostatitis is the third main prostate health disorder and in severe cases causes long-term pelvic pain (CPPS) and sexual health problems.

According to Dr Obu, a registered Naturopathic doctor with masters in prostate cancer from Sheffield Hallam University, UK and naturopathic medicine, ‘Based on  prostate supplement reviews, these are the questions that we believe you need to ask and research when looking to purchase prostate supplements: who developed the prostate supplement? This is one of the most critical questions to ask when choosing prostate supplements and looking at prostate supplement reviews whether that person is urologist or a naturopathic doctor specialising 100% in prostate health.  Is the prostate supplement formulated to support all aspects of prostate health? Is the formula therapeutic strength? Will it make a difference to my prostate?’

‘Bronson ProstaHealth is a clinical grade, professional strength prostate formula that De Men’s Clinic & Prostate Research Lab in Dodowa-Akoto House, gives to our patients,’ Dr Obu stated.

‘We must reduce the nerve- racking prostate health disparity in the black communities and that is why we made this breakthrough with Gold Crown Ghana Limited and Bronson Research Laboratory in the USA. Men can just walk in to our research lab in Dodowa-Akoto House to purchase it and screen for prostate disease,’ he directed.

Bronson Laboratories is an American company with an international reach. ‘The rigorous guidelines applied by domestic testing and labelling agencies means that customers can be assured that the products meet a certain standard of safety,’ Mr Obu stated.

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