Local rice producers downplay reports of short supply of staple on market

Media reports that local rice is in short supply on the market have been downplayed by producers of the staple.

The Ghana Rice Inter-Professional Body (GRIB), a cooperative association of local rice farmers, explained that although there may be limited supply of the staple in parts of the country, it does not represent a general shortage on the market.

“We haven’t yet reached the top level of production yet though the capacity is increasing. But you know it [the limited supply] is a subtle thing”, said Imoro Amoro, President of GRIB.

Mr Amoro further explained that because rice production is seasonal there are instances of limited supply of local rice before the harvest season sets in – then there is a lot more.

“So it may be short at some places, but there is still local rice on the market”, he said.

Media reports indicated that government’s crack down on importation of rice, coupled with free fall of the cedi have contributed in surging demand for local rice, outstripping supply from local farmers.

Agribusiness company, Finatrade, which buys about 60 percent of the rice produced locally says demand for local rice has gone up by 40 percent more compared to last year. 

“Now we have improved on the standards [of local rice production] and the packaging too has improved although there is a lot of room for improvement”, said Mr Amoro.

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