Eric Amoateng To Meet Amoma Traditional Judicial Council

The Queen mother of Amoma Traditional Community Nana Yaa Fusaah has revealed the former member of parliament for Nkoranza North and Omanhene of the area Nana Amoateng would faced the traditional judicial council to decide on the kingship validity of the embattled former legislator.

In an exclusive interview with Agoo East, the Octogenarian queen mother lamented on Nana Amoateng’s incarceration saying it has put the community on bad spotlight nonetheless she believes he must be given a fair hearing because ‘he was a good man’

Amoma have been without Omanhene for more than a decade, last time the traditional authorities decided to enthroned a new omanhene in the absence of Nana Amoateng, the community was thrown into state of uncontrollable riots and disputes.

Some of the youth described Nana Amoateng who has almost become a ‘jail bird’ as a “santa claus” and a “philanthropist” who has been of a great help to them. They continued, Nana Amoateng has been a succour to a scads of students, farmers by way of fully financing their activities and providing paid jobs to some of the youth.

The queen mother Nana Yaa though admits the good works of Nana Amoateng yet said the council has advanced plans to solve the long standing chieftancy dispute by getting a preferred new omanhene for the people.

She was however not certain as to whether the council can possibly decide to maintain Nana Eric Amoateng.

She said Amoma community has been without good roads, drinking water, clinic, school and other amenities. She featured these lacks to the absence of Omanhene who is supposed to be a lead crusader and a sort of a pressure agent for the development of the community.

Before Hon. Eric Amoateng was arrested on 11, December 2005 in the U.S and finally sentenced to 10yrs on December 12, 2007 by judge David G. Tragger for trafficking 136 pounds of heroin, valued at over $5m, he was the Omanhene for the Amoma traditional Authority in the Jema district of the Brong Ahafo region.

After serving a 10-year jail term in the USA, he was re-arrested by the BNI for passport fraud but released from police custody after meeting his bail terms.

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