Alert Ghana Wants Kwabena Agyepong Impeached NOW!!!

Having our brother and comrade, KwabenaAgyapng, elected to the position of General Secretary of the NPP was one of the most blasphemous moments in the history of our great Elephant party. His campaign was good and he seemed to have disguised the agenda he had set out to achieve, quite cleverly, until he was declared victor at the NPP polls. His demeanour, lately, smacks of chicanery and charlatanism to describe his behaviour mildly.

When Alan Kyeremnateng announced on that Election Day that “this was just the beginning”, with inference to an internal revolution that would sweep popularity from one side to another, we thought that it was a laughable joke for the day.

Little did we know that a carefully orchestrated blasphemy was being hurled at the pious people of the NPP who had seen the signs of change in a leader, Nana AddoDankwahAkufo-Addo; a leader who eschewed mayhem when we were disenfranchised by a government in power in connivance with the EC and, subsequently, by a “Stolen Verdict” of the election petition.

Following such aggravating circumstances, the delegates decided to vent their spleen on former executives resulting in wrongful decisions. That is ok because the delegates are only human. Unfortunately, by the time they had realised that they were bamboozled by the sleek campaign of Chairman Paul Afoko and GS KwabenaAgyapong, it was too late.

The very fact that KwabenaAgyapong is intentionally lying to delegates, misinforming them that OwusuYeboah, who has petitioned for a court injunction to be slapped on the 31st August special delegates’ congress, is Nana Akufo-Addo’s campaign coordinator for the Volta region is despicable. It is a calculated attempt to blemish the impeccable reputation of Nana making it seem as if he is avoiding defeat.

We declare that this is a wasted effort in futility, which cannot hold water because the overwhelming majority of NPP delegates have made up their minds on Akufo-Addo whose actual Volta regional campaign coordinator is rather Rob Rayan. This is a serious move by KwabenaAgyapong and Alan Kyeremanteng’s thugs to revive any atomically discernible hope that they are hallucinating over to push their agenda of keeping NPP in opposition should Nana get the nod for Flabearership, which is an inevitability.

“Had I known” cannot change the status quo as it stands now.However, what will, are the concerted efforts and the resounding calls of impeachment of KwabenaAgyapong. In such serious matters of NPP business, we cannot use reverence and favour to resolve issues. The NPP is bigger than us all as kukrudites and the right thing must be done to ensure that the rights of all are preserved.

We call on the Council of Elders, the Execuitves at all regional and constituency levels, delegates and all well-meaning members of the NPP to take up the mantle with Alert Ghana to begin the process of impeachment of our General Secretary, KwabenaAgyapong, NOW NOWNOW!! We, as an NPP party, cannot be hijacked by a group of self-serving bandits who are suspected to be financed by the NDC to destabilise our base.

Snippets of information that we are getting indicate same to be true including the very traumatising allegation by the NDCTalkTrue group that made the damning revelation about Alan and the one million dollar saga that he collected from his best friend John Mahama.

Mr Chairman, Paul Afoko, let this be a warning to you. We wish that you will maintain neutrality in discharging your duties otherwise same impeachment calls will be made to remove you from office. If you want a revolution, we will give you one; and a disgraceful one too.

SGD: FadiDabbousi Alert Ghana C&MN

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