Oracle Simplifies IT In Ghana

BY Samuel Boadi

BY Samuel Boadi

Annick Sakho
A LOT of businesses face challenges relating to their database management systems, which result in the loss of huge revenues.

In order to overcome such challenges, global IT giant, Oracle Corporation has launched its engineered systems in Ghana to efficiently integrate database management for customers with a focus on eliminating the numerous problems.

Annick Sakho, Regional Sales Director for Oracle West & Central Africa, explained that the new solution deploys hardware and software, which is engineered to work together for rapid deployment, easy expansion, faster performance, and most importantly reduced risk and cost to the customer than alternatives on the market.

‘Our Engineered System addresses your business priorities, with a standardised and optimised platform that is easy to expand. We also provide end-to-end monitoring of the entire system, as well as our industry-leading Premier and Platinum support services – a single point of contact compared to having to call on various vendors as is the case with existing alternatives.’

Ms. Sakho was speaking at a day’s event organised in Accra by Oracle to formally introduce its Engineered Systems in Ghana.

The company showcased a number of general and purpose built Engineered Systems to a number of customers at a workshop session in Accra, including the Exalogic and Exalytics systems, as well as the Exadata system, which utilises a compression technology that reduces the size of data warehousing and archive tables by as much as ten times to greatly improve system performance and lowering the cost of database storage.

The Oracle Engineered Systems can be set up within days compared to alternative custom configurations, which often take months to deploy, regularly interrupted by diagnostics, tuning and reconfiguration.

‘Our systems are delivered by experts fully functional – pre-racked, pre-cabled, pre-tested, and with all software pre-installed and stress-tested – completely ready to run,’ she explained.

According to Sakho, the complex and rapidly evolving nature of the IT industry means that providers need to develop simplified and more efficient products for their customers in order to help them remain competitive.

‘We believe that when our business partners have less to worry about in terms of the day-to-day maintenance and operation of complex systems, they can focus more on projects that can satisfy their customers and give them a competitive edge.’

Beyond investing in customer business,Oracle is also keen to developing its human capacity in the sub-region, and has hired over 400 new African staff within the past 12 months.

Oracle has also been operating successfully in West Africa in the past few years, and announced the opening of a Ghana office on April 1, 2014.

BY Samuel Boadi

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