Akon Opens Up On Plans With President Kenyatta Of Kenya


Allegedly, Senegalese and American singer and record label owner Akon, might be getting broke but that isn’t stopping him from breaking new grounds on the continent of his birth.

Akon was spotted with Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya who was in the United States last week and word has got out that the songwriter will be coming to Kenya in September.

The ‘Right Now’ singer who revealed an ambitious plan to provide electricity to 1million African households, made the Kenya announcement on his Instagram account, accompanied with a photo he took with Uhuru in US.

‘Visiting President Kenyatta of Kenya. He has great visions for Kenya and we shall be there in September to discuss how to make those visions come to life,’ – Akon said despite reports circulating in the American media that he is so broke he can’t keep payments on his Ferrari car going.

Akon was born in the West African country Senegal, at age 7 he relocated to Union City, New Jersey, US where he is presently based.