Ebola Is Caused By Cannibalism Not “Bush Meat”…God Reveals To Opambour:

On one of his Sunday services, while educating and praying for his congregation and Ghana on Ebola at his Island City Church at Kokoben, Opambour claimed God has revealed to him that truly the Virus is real, but it’s not caused by “bush meat” as being speculated by health experts.

According to the Pastor, God revealed to him that, during the civil war in Guinea, many people who escaped into the forest due to the war, had to eat dead bodies out of hunger to survive, this is the source of the Ebola virus.

He further told his congregation not to be scared of “bush meat” and go ahead to eat as much as they wish because it is not the cause of the virus. He also cautioned health workers to stop misinforming the public about the virus because they are ruining the bush meat business. He made it clear, he doesn’t believe anything being speculated by health workers because they are all lies, but it’s what God has told him that’s the truth. He doesn’t care whether you believe him or not, but that’s the fact of the beginning of the virus, it was due to cannibalism by hungry refugees.

He narrated that humans are the only species among animals that stink a lot when we die, that indicates our meat is not for consumption, but due to the aftermath of war, people were eating others meat which shouldn’t have been the case but it happened.

He said the public shouldn’t be scared of bush meat as they are not the cause of the virus at all, so we should feel free to eat it and stop destroying the bush meat business. According to him, some Ghanaian doctors are not even good at their job and know little about the virus, that’s why they keep misinforming the public.

To back up his claim about doctors not being professional enough, he showed a video of a boy whose penis was severed by a health professional at a particular hospital and was brought before him. The mother of the boy claim this happened when the boy was being circumcised. The health worker instead of cutting the foreskin, ended up cutting the whole head of the penis. Miraculously, he managed to make it come back when he prayed for the boy in question.