Stay Jay and Eduwoji At War

Hiplife artiste Eduwoji according to reports was arrested last week Thursday for a substance found on him believed to be marijuana (wee). The musician came out to deny the story blaming Tema-based rapper Stay Jay for spreading that false rumour.

Last Tuesday on Radio Univers’ mid-morning show hosted by Abrantepa, the host of the show did a good job by calling all persons involved in the issue except the Ada police station. First on the line was Eduwoji who cut the line few minutes after he was called. The musician who could not find answers to the questions thrown at him cut the line and put off his phone, the angry host revealed on air.

Before Eduwoji went off the line, he had stated that he was nowhere near Volta Region for a show and his arrest was a false story. He again denied granting an interview to blame Stay Jay for his arrest rumour but when the reporter, Nana Kwesi Coomson was called, he called Eduwoji a liar and later sent an audio of the interview he had with the musician blaming Stay Jay for his arrest to the host.

Stay Jay telling his side of the story said he was at the show with Eduwoji and he performed right after his friend left the stage. Speaking on Eduwoji’s accusation that he (Stay Jay) is behind the arrest rumour, the Tema-based rapper said;

“I have no problem with Eduwoji, I heard the news just yesterday and I was wondering how this whole thing came about. I have no idea what is going on. I won’t go about destroying him to anyone for anything. I didn’t travel with him, I met him after he had performed at the show.”

Stay Jay continued that he will talk with his management about Eduwoji’s act against him and take necessary measures.

Another interested party called on the show was the driver who was driving Eduwoji to the show before his arrest. He also confirmed that the police arrested the “Yenko nkoaa” hitmaker.