No Portable Water In Four Years As Deprived Orphanage Cry

“We walk some kilometers every morning and evening to fetch water to bath and use”, a young boy explains to me.

Aged nine years, Kwame is one of the many unfortunate children who endure the horror of crossing this busy street every morning before he goes to school.

He almost always gets to school late. Sometimes, sleeping in class becomes automatic whiles teaching is ongoing hence affecting their education negatively.

Kwame is among some thirty children living under this difficult condition in a little orphanage home at Homanko.

Aged between as young as six and eighteen, they are threatened by some water borne diseases and the risk of being knocked down by vehicles.

Situated in Ejura in the Ejura Sekyere Dumase District of the Ashanti region, the orphanage has been facing these challenges in the last four years.

Though these children are unhappy about the situation, they have no option but to hang on to hope that help would come.

Infrastructural and financial challenges heighten the woes of the over ten year old home which has served as shelter for many less privileged in that community.

In as much as they struggle, the head, Rev. Evans Peter Sarkodie has dreams to run an in-house school.

It is therefore managing an uncompleted structure as a nursery school with hopes of expanding into a primary school.

The home however survives on unexpected and uncalculated benevolence of individuals and organizations.

Head and Inmates of the Royal Child Orphanage home are sighing relief as they can now access potable water.

A German-based non-governmental organization, Arnan Foundation, has intervened with the provision of a mechanized borehole water project valued at 1000 euros.

The children are now spared the ordeal of traveling long distances access water for their upkeep.

Head of the Home, Rev. Evans Peter Sarkodie describes the project as timely but still welcomes more outstretched hands ready to help.

The NGO also provided additional 100 euros to support the Home.

Spokesperson, Lordson Arnan explains to Luv news the quest to aid the underprivileged must be the obligation of every religious person.

“The church should know that buying cars for pastors, and erecting structures for the church are not are good acts but should not be the focus.

“Helping the less privileged in the society is also the duty of any religious person (Christian, Muslim, traditionalist etc.)”, he stated.

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