Joyce Aryee charges youth to halt Ghana’s ‘rottenness’

Founder of Christian para-church organisation in Ghana, Salt and Light Ministries, Joyce Aryee has demanded of the youth, particularly those in Christendom, to rescue the country from the rot it is currently suffering.

She said so much decay was being witnessed in Ghana today because, people have lost value for leading an honest life.

Dr. Aryee was speaking at a thanks-giving service Sunday at the Maker’s House Chapel International to mark the climax of activities of its maiden Youth Week celebrations.

Addressing the packed ultra-modern auditorium of the church, located at Kwabenya near Dome in Accra, Madam Aryee said many people have become disingenuous and yet expect to obtain the blessings of God on their lives.

“We live in a country that loves to lie…from head [leadership] to toe [citizenry]. And after lying, we expect God to bless us”.

The former Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, therefore, charged the youth to be truthful and honest in their endeavours in order to save the future of the nation.

“When there’s light, you cannot hide anything…Even if you are naughty; your naughtiness will come to an end,” she counselled the youth.

She, however, sounded convinced that Ghana’s future appeared to be positive despite a fraction of today’s youth having submitted themselves to values, which would see them become responsible leaders.

“I am convinced that this nation will change…You don’t need a lot of salt to make your food taste good. Let us apply salt to Ghana to halt the rottenness,” she affirmed.

  Story by Ghana | | Jerry Tsatro Mordy | [email protected]

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