I Have No Hand In Eduwoji’s Case – Stay J

News went viral online that the ‘Yenko nkoaa’ hit maker, Eduwoji has been arrested by the Ada Police on the Accra-Aflao highway on 7th August 2014 for illegally possessing a substance suspected to be marijuana.

However, Eduwoji has denied ever being arrested by any police for whatever reason. He is reported to have accused Hiplife artiste Stay J in an interview for spreading falsehood about him saying, “If I have featured you on a song and now you claim to be the owner of it fine, so why do you also spoil me including all my United Kingdom (UK) shows I was to do? And now since he (Stay Jay) sees my new song to be doing well, he is destroying my image, telling lies that police has arrested me.”

However, Stay J has said in an interview with Abrantepa on Radio Univers’ mid-morning show Brunch2Lunch that, he has nothing against Eduwoji to peddle any of such rumours about him.

According to Stay J, “I have no problem with Eduwoji. I heard the news just yesterday and I was wondering how this whole thing came about. I have no idea what is going on. I won’t go about destroying him to anyone for anything. I didn’t travel with him. I met him after he had performed at the show.”

Asked if he will take any legal actions against Eduwoji for accusing him wrongly, Stay J stated that his management will talk to Eduwoji’s and ask him to desist from tarnishing his image. “I am sure he just wants to ride on this to promote his song”, Stay J added.

Eduwoji and Stay J both laid claim to the ‘Yenko nkoaa’ song which was released in March 2011. According to Eduwoji, the song was a demo and he wanted to master it at Kaywa’s studio.

However, because they were both on the same record label, Under One Entertainment, the management suggested that Stay J should do the chorus which he did; that doesn’t make Stay J the owner of the song.

Contrary to that, Stay J said he only asked Eduwoji to sing on “Yen Ko nkoaa” because they were on the same record label.