Cape Coast hospital patients denied supper due to ‘high cost of living’

Patients admitted at the Cape Coast hospital are bemoaning a recent trend of being fed twice a day instead of the previous three-square meals per day.

They say they only receive meals at 7am in the morning and 1pm in the afternoon.

This they say is having a negative effect on their health.

Speaking to Adom FM’s Kafui Sorkpor, some of the patients said due to the reduced feeding they have been compelled to send people to get them food from outside the facility.

They complain, however, that this makes them susceptible to getting cholera, dreading the food that they buy may not be prepared under hygienic conditions.

Other patients who live far off from the facility complain of sleeping on empty stomach since they don’t regularly have their families bring them food.

According to them, the recent trend should be reversed to normalcy, where they would be given supper.

But according to the Administrator at the hospital Mr.Agyei Frimpong, the situation is due the current high cost of living in the country.

“We have reduced the feeding because of high cost of living, the cost of the feeding fee is GHc2.40…how can you use 2.40GHp to give three square meals to patients?”, he asked.

“Even in the advanced countries, food is a very basic, domestic therapy for curing diseases and therefore the food should be rich,” the Administrator added.

He explained that the cost of feeding fee charged per day by the facility (GHc2.40) which is not enough to provide the patients with the three-square meals.

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