This Is A Family Contest—Alan Kyerematen

Alan John Kyerematen, a leading candidate in the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) presidential primaries, has expressed his strong belief that the NPP will remain united after the flag bearer contest and present a potent front for 2016.

He emphasized that “the competition only reinforces the party’s likeness for heterogeneity and the contest of ideas, however, the debates must be clean and healthy; based on facts and not fallacious propaganda. The rules of the contest must be respected.”

The party leadership must educate members on the terms of engagement, while the contestants encourage their followers to eschew the use of bad language and discourage illegal conducts. He asked agents on his campaign and supporters of his candidature to be circumspect in their utterances.

Acknowledging that, given there is much work that remain to be done for the growth of the party and the country, Mr Kyerematen advised that campaign messages should focus on what can be done to rejuvenate the party and win power, to bring solutions to national problems.

Being a founding member of the party since its establishment in 1992 and having served in some of its highest decision making bodies, his singular commitment has been to prosecute an agenda to galvanise the business community to support the growth and development of the party.

He said he is also very much aware of the weakened grassroot structures of the party and finds that an agenda at the national, regional, constituency and polling station levels to rebuild these structures will be crucial to winning power in 2016.

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