That’s My Broken home equals broken nation

Is it possible to build a strong nation when Ghana’s family system is shattered?

That will be the quest of Nana Ansah Kwao IV this afternoon on That’s My Opinion.

Tune in at 2:05pm on Joy 99.7FM and join Ghana’s most opinionated presenter as he attempts to unravel the reasons why we — the nation — have turned a blind eye to the “broken home” problem for so long.

 Why are we not adequately addressing the problem that is destroying, lives, societies and our country?

Join the discussion at 2:05PM Thursday on Joy 99.7FM.

Listen and share your thoughts:
Text 1422 on all networks, or call 030-2216541 (when he opens the phone lines). You can also contribute via WhatsApp on 024 4340 437 ahead of the show.

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