Rib Crackers

A very successful Nigerian man parked his new Lexus in front of his office ready to show it off to his colleagues, as he got out a trailer passed too close and completely tore off the door.

The man immediately grabbed his cell phone, called the police, and they arrived. Before the officer could say anything the man was screaming hysterically, my Lexus! My Lexus! It will never be the same again no matter what the panel -beater did to it.

The officer just looked at the man in disgust and shook his head, I can’t believe how materialistic you are, he said, you are soo focused on your possessions that you don’t notice anything else. How can you say such a thing? Asked the police officer. Don’t you know that your left arm is missing from your elbow down, it must have been torn off when the truck hit you?

Oh! my God replied the man, “MY ROLEX” wrist watch.

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