Ebola Threatens Van Vicker

Award winning Ghanaian actor. Van Vicker, who has a Liberian lineage, is scared of going back to Liberia to shoot the part 2 of his movie Titled ‘Bendu Sudan’ because of the deadly Ebola pandemic there.

Some months back, Van Vicker disclosed to MustaphaInusah.Com of his yet to be release movie ‘Bendu Sudan’. According to Van, he had initially planned to shoot the part 1 of his well publicized production in Ghana and shoot the part 2 in Liberia, because of the nature of the story.

Giving reasons to why he’s refusing to go back to Liberia to shoot the part 2 of the movie, he said. ‘Ebola is a deadly disease,you cant joke with it’

“I have been to Liberia several times to do casting and production meetings, and all was scheduled to go shoot this month, but because of the Ebola threat, I don’t want to take chances shooting in Liberia. I pray though that the good Lord saves us all”

Van Vicker continued that he will go back and shoot the part 2 of the movie once the Ebola issues are solved.

As it stands now, the number of people to have died in the worst Ebola outbreak in history has risen to at least 932; the World Health Organization has disclosed. Overworked hospital staff struggled to quell the epidemic but in many cases, became its front-line victims.