Don’t Travel To Ebola-Hit Countries – Minister Warns

Hannah Tetteh
Government has warned Ghanaians  against travelling to countries affected by the Ebola disease.

Addressing a press briefing on Thursday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hannah Tetteh said Ghanaians should only travel to those countries when it is ‘absolutely necessary’ to do so.

The disease has, so far, killed about 1,000 people with over 1,975 cases reported.

The prevalence of the disease in other African countries has increased fears of a possible outbreak in Ghana.

The Minister said the caution against visiting affected countries such as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea has become necessary ‘because ultimately it is movement between various states, and coming into contact with people who have been affected by the virus which create greater opportunities for transmission of the virus.’

‘Now that we have given this travel advisory, in the event that you [citizens] do travel to those countries and you are caught up in some difficulty, please know that if the government of Ghana is not immediately in a position to respond we have given you fair warning that this is something that we believe you should desist from doing’, Madam Tetteh added.

Ghana has set up an inter-ministerial committee comprising of the Health, Interior, Communication, Defence and Local Government ministries to devise strategies to fight the deadly disease.

At a meeting last Monday, the committee resolved to set up three isolation centres   in the event that a case is confirmed in the country.

Ms Tetteh also advised Ghanaians to pay attention to press notifications that will come up from time to time from the committee to help deal with the disease.


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