Yaa Pono Moves Into Acting

Yaa Pono, a rapper on the Uptown Energy label, has said he has a huge talent in acting and would want to add that to his professional music career.

The ‘Amen’ hit singer, who featured in Wanlov and Mεnsa’s ‘Coz Ov Moni’ movie, told NEWS-ONE he and his team are currently working on a few scripts for an upcoming movie.

“I have a passion for acting. I have been acting ‘Bongo Bar’ every weekend. My team and I have a few scripts for movies that we are about to shoot. The process has already started and I can say that the movies should be ready around March next year,” Yaa Pono revealed.

Pono added that his Uptown Energy team were currently shooting documentaries called ‘Uptown Energy Live’.

“Currently we are shooting a documentary called ‘Uptown Energy Live’. We are going to have a main tour, which will be happening in Ghana, across Africa and then in Europe as well,” he said.

Explaining what inspired his ‘Amen’ song, Yaa Pono said: “Amen to me means thank you God for putting me where I am.”

He explained further: “No matter which situation I’m in—whether good or bad—I will not give my praises to anyone but God. At the end of the day, after producing the song, it is doing real good. The ‘Amen’ song is an inspiration I got when I came back from Nigeria. I had to do a performance in Nigeria at a place where no one knew me, but it turned out to be one of my best performances. So I put together the song after that trip.”

“I didn’t even think about what people will say when I did my song. All I thought about was where my song will get me and the lyrics to put in the song to make me who I am,” he added.