Police Exhumed Body Of Boy, 8

The boy, Robert Abunbero, was allegedly killed over accusations that he tried to have sex with his mother, Comfort Abunbero, in the middle of the night.

It would be recalled that the couple, Comfort Tene Abunbero, 26, a trader, and her husband, Michael Kweku Obeng, 27, unemployed, were recently picked by the police over the death of the boy.

Prior to the death of the boy, the mother, was said to have bathed the boy and consequently asked him to go and get a particular dress to put on for the night so as to keep him warm in the cold weather.

The deceased purportedly searched through his clothes but could not find the particular dress he was asked to pick.

When Robert reported to the mother that he could not find the dress, Comfort, in anger, was said to have ransacked the clothes and picked that dress, after which she allegedly subjected the boy to severe beatings for refused to search further for the dress.

Kweku Obeng allegedly asked the boy to kneel down and raise the hands, but the deceased purportedly refused.

In anger, Obeng also allegedly subjected the boy to severe kicking and beatings until he collapsed.

The couple allegedly poured water on the boy with the intent to revive him, but to no avail.

His parents, realising that the boy had died, were reported to have wrapped him in one of their bed sheets and carried him that night around 10:00 pm to a nearby bush, which used to be a dumping site near their house, for burial.

The Mile 7 Crime Police Officer, Henry Agbeve, told DAILY GUIDE yesterday that the exhumation was necessary to establish the cause of the boy’s death, especially when the child died as a result of an unlawful harm.

While indicating that suspect Obeng led and directed the police to the burial ground, he stated that apart from the criminal aspect of the case, the body also had to be exhumed because it (the body) was not buried at a public cemetery.

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By Jeffrey De-Graft Johnson

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