Ghana Blind Union Association Organizes Justify-Your-Inclusion Exercise To Select Players

The Ghana Blind Union Association in collaboration with the Richoff disability Sports foundation and the Capital line Group on Saturday organized the first edition of the Goal Ball event for visually impaired persons in the Eastern Region.

The one day event which saw the team from Greater Accra Region take on their counterparts from the Eastern Region was organized at the Koforidua Secondary Technical School [KSTS].

The Goal Ball game is an international recognized game designed for visually impaired persons across the World.

The game which is played between two teams with three players in each side last for 24 minutes. 12 minutes in each half.

The game which is usually played on the size of a volleyball court has a specially made ball with the sound of a bell in it which is being rolled to the opponent who is expected to block the ball from entering his or her net. The sound of the bell gives the player an idea of the direction of the ball whenever is being rolled.

The exercise was used to select players into the national team [The Golden Rollers] ahead of the World Championships in Korea next year.

The Golden Rollers participated at the African Championships in Kenya last December but failed to participate at the World Championships this year.

The president of the Ghana Golden Rollers Mr. Eric Kissi who is the vice president in Africa explained the motive behind the exercise and indicated the Association is planning to spread its wings to the other regions in the country.

“We came to play the Eastern Regional team in other to spot some talents and include them in the national team for international competitions,” Mr. Kissi told reporters after the event.

“And am very grateful for the people who were able to make this event happen. Is not going to be a nine day wonder, it is something that we want it to be occurring frequently”.

“As I said we are aiming to select players into the national team so from here we are trying to link up with the selected players from the Eastern Regional team and move to probably Asante Region or Northern Region and also to motivate the team over there so that they will also revive and be on their toes”.

The founder of the Richoff Foundation, Mr. Richard Offei who is an ex-national Amputee football player also donated some sporting items to the team from Takoradi after the event.

The Goal Ball game has now been recognized and approved as part of the Ghana University national Association games [GUNSA GAMES] and is expected to be approved as part of the national Unity games which is being organized annually.