Skin Bleaching Is A Personal Choice – Actress

Popular Nollywood actress and television personality, Ireti Doyle, has said that skin bleaching is a personal choice.

According to her, people are now enlightened as to the consequences of bleaching.

She added that while growing up, she had her own fair share of the youthful exuberant, but was able to understand what her skin wants and had to stop toning.

“I have no take. It is a personal choice taken by hopefully informed people. But as it is with any kind of choice comes consequences and you will be responsible for the consequences of the choices you make. I did my share of ‘toning’ when I was much younger but my skin let me know very quickly that it would not tolerate such nonsense. I must have indulged in such foolishness. Thank God for ridding me of such ignorant stupidity,” she disclosed.