I Believe In God But Not The Bible – Panji Anoff

His recent publication on Facebook of being gay caused a lot of dissatisfaction among a sect in the Ghanaian community and led to several insults, but I dare say this might even cause him more.

CEO of Pidgen Music and pioneer contributor to popular Hiplife genre, Panji Anoff has in the wake of the public outcry over his gay comments stated categorically that he does NOT believe in the Bible although he believes in God.

In a recent interview, Panji stated he did not believe in the Bible, that was humanly written and hence did not see why anyone would want to judge him based on material written by a fellow human being.

“The Bible was written by human beings and not everything was even written in the Bible so why fret over a decision I take? I believe in God and His creation, and I believe He can talk to me directly if he wants to follow someone’s written document so?” he declared.

Addressing his post of being gay, he explained “God is loving and would want us to love all of his creation so why hate me because I choose to love what God has created? Are we not being selective in the loving process? I guess God would not be happy with the decisions of those who are chastising me instead.”

Panji on July 28, 2014 posted on Facebook saying he was gay and that anyone who wished not associate with a gay should unfriend him;