Ghanaians Are A Bunch Of Indisciplined People—Brig. Gen Nunoo-Mensah

The Head of the Human Security Department of the National Security Council Secretariat, Brig. Gen. Joseph Nunoo-Mensah [Rtd] insists Ghanaians are the cause of their own predicament after describing the entire populace as “indisciplined”.

According to him, the duty of the youth is to wage war against indiscipline and corruption because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

But this is hardly the case.

“Ghanaians are not discipline at all; they are a bunch of indiscipline people. To some, all they know is to get drunk. Punctuality to work and other government functions has been a major issue. This cannot help in building a nation, never,” he said.

The former National Security Advisor opined that he will continue to criticize any government and be hard on the citizenry if what is expected of them is not forthcoming after admitting that Ghana is gradually “collapsing”.

“This indiscipline cannot happen under my watch. We have to wake up and change our attitude as a nation and Ghana will resurrect again,” he noted.

Reacting to the on-going strike action by the Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana [POTAG] on Adom FM, Brig. Gen. Nunoo-Mensah urged government to suspend salaries of the striking teachers.

“He who does not work should not be paid,” he stated.

He further added that, “government must introduce a clause in the Labour Laws that will ensure non-payment of salary to striking workers. Why should anyone who is on strike be paid? It doesn’t make sense. They are a bunch of lazy people”.

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