Ebola Is Dangerous But Maintaining A Positive Healthy Lifestyle Is The Key—Kolawole M. Braimah

Chief Executive Officer of the LifeWellness Centre, Kolawole Braimah has cautioned the general public to maintain a positive healthy lifestyle of eating,drinking and sleeping as the only way to preventing the deadly Ebola virus disease.

According to him, strong immune system has proven to be the antidote of humans living a life of freedom from sicknesses and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to developing a strong immune system to drive away malady.

He disclosed this during a re-launching ceremony of the LifeWellness Center in Accra Last Saturday, 9th August.

“I am not saying that Ebola does not exist, For all I do know for a fact is there’s a lot of conditions, some of them who doesn’t look like Ebola, even worst than it attacking our people. It attacks them all the time . Look if you go to the villages, there are Ebola-like tendencies which nobody is saying anything about when all of a sudden its like a hype or a craze to the extent that people are scared? Look at me a former banker talking about health? You should know your body, what affects you and for what I know is if your immune system is very solid; forget it” he hinted

In an interview with modernghana news, Mr. Braimah revealed plans are far advanced to transform the LifeWellness Centre into a whollistic wellness centre which will serve the whole Africa. “We want to be the foremost holistic wellness Centre in the whole of Africa and to put LifeWellness on what we called MediTourism map where like it happened in most of the Eastern Europe and Western Europe, Asia, or the United States of America and South America where people actually travel all the way to visit healing sanctuaries, wellness centres and get the service, why can’t we achieve the same here? Ghana is a great place to be,like Africa, there’s a lot of people out there who want to come and visit” he said.

He called on the general public to not to be scared of deadly Ebola Virus disease, claiming there are other dangerous but the only way to be strong and healthy is through adoption of positive health style.

The event is on the theme “Healthy Lifestyle-From what a shock to Wow!

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