A Nigerian doctor who has never been to his country for a very Long time was given the embarrassment of his life at the Trinidad airport yesterday night. He was isolated from the rest of the passengers when the British airways arrived at the airport. The report creating a big buzz across the world says the man “CAUSED A MAJOR SCARE AT TRINIDAD AIRPORT”

After all said and done, it was discovered the man was not sick in any way and yet he was subjected to such a humiliating and degrading treatment. Why? Because the man is a Nigerian!

This Virus did not start from Nigeria . Ebola started from Liberia.

Last night, I over heard a radio Presenter on WBLS, Dahved Levy, saying that every Nigerian is a suspect. I called his phone to register my anger over his badly worded comment. Dayved did not pick my call because he knows what would come next.

Nigeria is a country of over 180 million people, to date, it is only 9 Ebola cases that have been reported? Why should anyone out there now think every Nigerian should be a suspect?

It was even an American doctor who brought the Ebola Virus to Nigeria in the first place.

Dahved Levy, you owe Nigerians a public apology. I know you are from T&T, that does not in a way give you the right to make such a reckless and unwarranted statement. That was totally uncalled for and unacceptable.

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