Cross to Algeria, Egypt and get help-Gov’t tells stranded Ghanaians in Libya

The Foreign Ministry says it can do very little to rescue some Ghanaians caught in the middle of a deadly Libyan conflict.

Deputy Foreign Minister Mr Kwasi Quartey told Joy News the only way out is for the stranded Ghanaians to make their way to neighboring Algeria or Egypt- only then can help come.

Hundreds of stranded Ghanaians in Libya have turned to the media praying for help and to be rescued from the jaws of death.

Some of them claim they are easy targets to rebel forces in Libya because they are suspected to be fighting for one faction or another.

One of the stranded men told Joy News, they had not eaten for days because they are into hiding.

“There is no where to buy anything because all shops are closed,” he said, pleading for the government “to take us from this country.”

But the government said it is impossible for help to come in that country. Mr Kwasi Quartey said the option of airlifting the stranded Ghanaians in Libya is completely out because the airport in Tripoli is under attack.

Asked if government has any links to any of the factions in the ongoing conflict to facilitate the safe passage of Ghanaians from Libya, the deputy minister said no. The only contact they had in Libya was Ghana’s envoy and staff all of whom have been evacuated to Malta.

According to him, even the Ghanaian Ambassador to Libya was the target of gun attacks by rebels.

“Because of the fighting, the centre in Libya is not holding and there is nobody to talk to at the moment,” the deputy minister said.

Describing the situation as “very critical” the deputy minister said they are duty bound to save the Ghanaians.

He was surprised that many of these same Ghanaians were rescued some four years ago under similar circumstances and a “huge cost” to government and wondered why  the same people have returned to Libya.

The north african country has seen little peace after the ousting of its dictator president Muamar Gadaffi.

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