Court fines woman for defaming lady thought to be on Tamale sex tape

A Tamale District Court, presided over by His Worship Augustine Essah, has fined Madam Suraiya an amount of GH₵500 fine for defaming the character of Rabi Dawuda.

Rabi Dawuda brought a defamation suit against by Madam Suraiya for alleging that she (Rabi) was among the ladies involved in the photos and videos of the Tamale sex scandal that was leaked a few months ago.

The defendant Madam Suraiya told the court that she indeed had nude pictures of the Tamale sex scandal on her mobile phone and thought it was the plaintiff Rabi Dawuda so she sent the pictures to other friends.

The two friends were said to have taunted the plaintiff and also began sending the pictures to others in the region.

However, after a thorough look at the pictures she (Suraiya) realized that it was not the plaintiff and so she apologized to her in the presence of the Tamale Dakpema chief, an apology Rabi rejected, she claimed.

In response, the plaintiff  told the court that it is not true that the defendant apologized to her.

Presiding judge, Augustine Essah, in his verdict said the defendant’s case was appalling and immoral.

The court therefore found her guilty for slander and defamation on her own plea for publishing false materials about the plaintiff and was therefore fined GH₵500 as compensation to Rabi Dawuda.

Again the court directed Madam Suraiya to go to a local radio station latest by Friday to render a public apology to the plaintiff.

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