Bukom Banku To ‘Join’ Ghana Police After Napari Ffight

Braimah Kamoko also known as Bukom Banku has mentioned that he is considering quitting boxing to join the Ghana Police Service, an action he stressed will be well determined after his fight with Corporal John Napari of the Ghana Army.

The bout which is slated for October 3rd, 2014 at the Accra Sports Stadium promises to be full of fireworks as both boxers have already taken to the media to announce their readiness for the bout.

Arguably the funniest boxer in the country Banku who a few months ago, made mince meat of sworn rival Ayittey Powers at the same venue, believes he has what it takes to join the Ghana Police and still continue with his career as a boxer.

He told the media that soon after defeating Napari he will enroll in the Police Academy to make sure that the likes of Napari stop ‘intimidating’ other boxers with his other profession as a military man. “Napari is not a boxer but a soldier and I’m going to take him through the lessons of boxing”. “If he thinks he can scare me with his military profession then it’s a lie because the Inspector General of Police (IGP) has assured me that he’s going to recruit me into the Ghana Police should I come out as a victor and I’m going to do my thing on the day.”

As to whether he will achieve his aim of beating Napari and joining the Ghana Police academy, time will tell.