Statement: Starbow denies emergency landing incident

A Starbow aircraft was involved in an incident on Saturday 9 th August 2014 .The four-engine jet aircraft, BAe 146 was en route from Accra to Kumasi operating a scheduled flight S9100.

The incident occurred in Accra during the take-off phase of the flight. During the initial climb-out about 3,000 feet, a technical problem was detected on one of the 4 engines. The Captain took the necessary action and informed the passengers accordingly. The Captain returned the aircraft to base.

Suffice to add that, the aircraft could have safely proceeded to its destination, i.e. Kumasi without any hitch, but the Captain decided to return to base, Accra as per company’s procedures. The Captain’s decision was prudent in the sense that Accra is the base of all the airline maintenance works. Contrary to media reports, there was no emergency landing and no secondary damage to the aircraft whatsoever. As a matter of fact, the landing was very normal.

Starbow will like to take this opportunity to apologize to all our affected passengers on board and assure the general public and more especially its cherished passengers that as a company we will continue to strive for the highest compliance of strict airline security and safety measures at all times.

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