‘Episode Is Better Than Jupitar’

Theophilus Commey also known as ‘Big Pun’ of Global One Entertainment who is the manager for sensational dancehall artiste Episode has called the bluff and says his artiste (Episode) is far better than Jupitar.

This follows a myriad of comments by some Showbiz personnel that Episode is being overly hyped, thus he is not where Jupitar is yet.

Furious Episode’s manager who can’t keep his calm on such comments however takes a jab at Jupitar and calls him a “weak artiste” as compared to Episode.

“Jupitar only shot to fame on a silver platter. If not for a collabo with Eazzy nobody would have known him. His lyrics are not even tight and he struggles to write songs. And if it comes to stage work, my artiste has a better appeal more than he does. So why are people trying to compare Jupitar to Episode? Episode is far ahead of Jupitar.

Fact that he is not in the limelight like Jupitar doesn’t mean my artiste is not dope. I have my own plans with my artiste and I am cooking him some more to fit a certain brand. Episode even played the most shows more than Jupitar in the whole of 2013 till now and the records are there to prove it.

If anyone or Jupitar himself feels stifled and wants to give a rebuttal we don’t care. It is clear that he is behind all these empty comments circulating because since their group split he thought Episode wouldn’t make it. But alas here we are and Episode is doing more than him in the studios and on the stages.”

Episode and Jupitar were known to belong to same clique (Black Empire) with Galaxy and cameleon until Jupitar saw his breakthrough and left. In all indications it is clear Jupitar is feeling the hear from Episode especially Episode’s ability to rock sound clash and live band flawlessly on all stages since he came into the limelight. Could this be another dancehall beef cooking up between Episode and Jupitar too? We live to see!