Brothers at war, one threatens to sue the other over ‘Castro Amanihunu’ movie

Two brothers, both movie producers, are at war over the production of a movie, ‘Castro Amenihunu’ with one threatening to take legal action against the other. 

A poster of the movie, suspected to be based on the disappearance of hiplife musician Castro, born Theophilus Tagoe, has been circulating on social media for some time now.

Castro and his female companion, Janet Bandu went missing while jet skiing in the waters of Ada on Sunday, July 6, 2014.

The yet-to-be-released movie has received a lot flak from critics who say the movie is in bad taste.

Samuel Odame Jnr, whose contact details are on the movie poster, speaking on Rhythmz A-Z on Joy FM with Mamavi Owusu Aboagye Saturday said “I never in any way produced any movie like ”Castro Amenehunu’.”

According to him, “Odame World Film Productions is really the name of my production house but I never in any way [or] by any chance give anyone [the right] to produce a movie in the name of my production house, put my contact details on it but later on I got to realise that it’s my younger brother in Kumasi…who produced that movie.”

Samuel Odame Jnr revealed that, his brother, Douglas Odame, “did not inform me that he will be using the name of my production house for that matter I am going to sue him.”

“I don’t know what came into my brother’s mind to do that without my consent so I don’t really care whether he is my brother or not…I have sued him and very soon he will be brought before the law.”

Asked about background in movie production, Samuel Odame Jnr said he studied movie production in India and he is solely into Hindi movies.

He revealed that, he started his production house in 2009 and will be releasing some of his movies later this year.

Douglas Odame also speaking on the matter on Rhythmz A-Z admitted that he has produced a movie with the title ‘Castro Amanihunu’ but said he is yet to release it.

He agreed Samuel Odame is his brother but denied using his production house to produce any movie.

He clarified that, his production house is Odame Films and not Odame World Film Productions.

Douglas said due to the unfortunate developments and allegations after the poster of the movie leaked online, he didn’t not want to go into details of the storyline of the ‘Castro Amanihunu’ movie.

Reacting to criticisms that the movie may touch on sensitive nerves considering the unfortunate development of Castro’s disappearance, Douglas retorted that the hiplife musician is not the only person by name Castro and that one of his friends even owns a production outfit by name Castro Productions.

    Story by Ghana | | Ernest Dela Aglanu (Twitter: @delaXdela / Instagram: citizendela)

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