Is M.I Abaga About To Face Competition?!?


Remember when I told you guys about Tekno over a year ago, how I ran into him in a studio in Abuja and I knew, this kind of noisy music is what Nigerians like, I told my brother right there that this kid would go far and behold……….

All this grammar is just to prove that I see and recognize talent when I see it.

So here’s another: I met this kid yesterday at GospelOnDaBeatz studio in Abuja and I can tell he’s going to be a big deal.

I spoke to him and he says his name is ‘Gunzz’, told me about this song he’s working on called ‘Amina’…..sounded like a cliche but I just laughed.

He claims to be the hottest rapper in Abuja at the moment but i guess only time will tell.

Just in case he eventually blows, remember say na me tell una first ooh….You heard it here at‘s Entertainment column.