Ghanaian Photographer calls Mahama uninspiring leader

A Ghanaian professional photographer, Nana Kofi Acquah has painted a depressing image about the country’s president, saying, he does not inspire confidence for the development of the country.

He said despite the misappropriation of public funds by some members of President John Mahama’s administration, none has been held accountable and for this reason “he does not inspire confidence.”

“Who has Mahama held accountable in his administration for misuse of state property, who?” he questioned, adding, a $3 billion Chinese loan anticipated by the Ghana government went back and forth because there was no trust.

Speaking to just after discussing ‘Africa Rising’ on Joy FM’s Ghana Connect programme Friday, Kofi Acquah stated it was not an inspiring move by a loveable president like John Mahama not to have taken any action against those persons involved.

“No he doesn’t inspire confidence. I wouldn’t trust him with my money. I like him but I wouldn’t trust him with my money because if I give him my money, he hasn’t given me any assurance that he can properly account for it. As long as, he can’t hold his team accountable, how else would he inspire,” the Photographer emphasised.

He continued that President Mahama’s responses to the SADA and GYEEDA brouhaha were rather unfortunate.

Touching on the $3 million Black Stars saga, Kofi Acquah argued that “Ghana is supposed to have a Bank of Ghana, a body that has policies and principles concerning how money is handled in the country.

“So if you put 3 million US dollars on a chartered plane and take it out of your country, flouting every single law in your own book, and you ask me for $3 billion, do you think I will give you the $3 billion? Because I know that just as you could easily manage to flout your own rules and carry 3 million dollars out; you will carry the 3 billion dollars out of the system.”

“Why did the Chinese refuse to bring the second part of their loan? It’s because they watched how the first part had been used and they were not happy with it. It’s as simple as that,” he pointed out.

“A president who is nice and smiles but doesn’t really demonstrate by word and action that he is equally interested in the values of business partners; we’ll have a problem and that is why Ghana found itself in the situation it was.”

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