‘Tony Aidoo’ Advises NDC Supporters To Shun Vote Buyers

Mr. Yakubu Adam, A.k.a Tony Aidoo

Mr. Yakubu Adam, A.k.a Tony Aidoo

The Propaganda Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Asawasi constituency, Mr. Yakubu Adam, popularly known as Tony Aidoo, has advised members of the party to desist from demanding money and other incentives from candidates who are seeking to occupy various positions in the party.

He said constituency and regional executives, and metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives should guard against any form of inducement, which is being employed by some aspirants for national positions in the party to woo votes.

A press release issued by Mr. Adam in his personal capacity decried what he thinks is attempts by some individuals to change some members of the current national executives when the party goes to congress soon to elect new national executives.

“Any monetary influence meant to change some of our great leaders like Dr. Kwabena Adjei and his competent leadership in this upcoming national election will results in disastrous consequences in 2016” the release warned.

“I am privy to some political machinations involving the showering of monies to delegates as the National Executives elections draw near. This is uncalled for”. “Monetary inducements and influences should not be allowed to gain roots in this great party”.

The release mentioned that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) suffered electoral defeat in the 2008 polls because the party decided to change its national executives, who were instrumental in the 2004 victory of the party.

“It will be recalled that our arch-rivals, the New Patriotic Party’s decision to change their winning team just before the 2008 elections resulted in their subsequent defeat. They have since suffered a lot of misfortunes as a result.

According to the firebrand, any attempt to influence the national executive election with money will have adverse effects on the structures of the NDC, which could lead to defeat in the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections. “Moneycracy is not known to the NDC” he says.

Mr. Adam praised the incumbent national chairman of the NDC, Dr. Kwabena Adjei for his commitment to the cause of the party and the rich experience he has brought to bear in steering the affairs of the ruling party over the last four years.

“Dr. Kwabena Adjei’s experience and commitment over the years is unsurpassed. He has over the years nurtured the grassroots, strengthened and sustained the very structures needed to retain power” the release said.

It added that “throwing dust at him at this crucial time all in the name of changing the old guard will have greater consequences for the party in the 2016 elections”.

He warned that electing Mr. Dan Abodakpi or Mr. Kofi Portuphy as national chairman “will spell doom for the party”. Dr. Adjei on the other hand is seen as the right choice to help the NDC maintain power after the next general elections.

Mr. Adam, who is nicknamed after Ghana’s ambassador to The Holland, Dr. Tony Aidoo, has gained popularity in the NDC for his unflinching support for the current national executives of the NDC, especially Dr. Kwabena Adjei and the general secretary, Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia.

He has also gained an enviable reputation among his peers for his abhorrence of bribery and corruption in political life and he has over the years mounted a crusade against monetary inducement in party and national elections.

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