NDC Masterminded Kessben’s Arrest

The arrest of the Chief Executive Officer of Kessben Group of Companies, Mr. Kwabena Kesse leaves us with nothing to think of than to agree that it has political connotation.

Mr Kesse has been charged with two counts of money laundering and forgery of documents to which he has pleaded not guilty.

He is alleged to have illegally transferred $127,931,727.65 out of Ghana to dubious locations within a period of 14 months and also forged documents to the bank to facilitate the act.

We do not support anyone, irrespective of their race, religious values or nationalities to engage in any act that undermines the very integrity of our dear country. However, we also expect that the law does not stand to discriminate in dealing with persons purported to have committed a crime.

We want the state to come clear if a person living in this country cannot use foreign currencies to run his or her businesses if the said business is import-oriented.

Has it been established beyond doubt that Mr. Kwabena Kesse has committed the crime he has been accused of? The obvious answer is no. Why then is he been treated as a criminal if not for political reasons?

Why is the country treating people who have the interest of establishing businesses to reduce the unemployment rate in the country as criminals? The issue of Tobincco has not ceased to ring a in our minds since the arrest of Mr. Kesse.

What has also happened to the National Democratic Congress financier Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome and the people who created, loot and share our money as stated by the court?

Whose money did Mr Kesse transfer and who is reporting that their money has gone missing from Stanbic Bank? The case is interesting. Has he transferred the money to support terrorists elsewhere in the world? The Court should be very careful about the charges they prefer against him.

We hope the state is not doing this to him because he is an Ashanti. If this happens to be the brain behind his arrest, then we the Ashanti’s will be compelled to resort to the street to register our displeasure.

We are calling on President John Dramani Mahama to intervene if he has no hand in this matter.