Ghana can only develop if we adhere to policies – Nana Konadu

Former First Lady and founder of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has said Ghana can only develop if ruling parties follow laid down procedures for governance.

“If we want to develop we must adhere strictly to polices that help in the development of the country”.

Speaking on Adom FMs ‘Dwaso Nswem, the former First Lady said President Mahama’s decision to seek assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reveals the inability of the government to properly govern the country, adding that “countries only seek assistance from the IMF when they are collapsing.

She said that even though it is a normal thing for countries to seek assistance from the monetary institution, the assistance received should put the country in a position where they are able to take care of themselves afterwards.

“We will keep going back if we do not restructure ourselves after we have been supported by the IMF”.

She spoke against the numerous taxes government has imposed on the people saying, “no country develops by excessive taxation. Productivity will drop”.

She says governments must ensure that its citizens are comfortable but if people in the country cannot afford one meal daily then the quality of governance is questionable.

In answering questions as to whether she had rejoined the National Democratic Congress (NDC), she said the reasons for which she decided to leave the NDC has not changed and that she stands her grounds as a member of the NDP.

The Republic Newspaper reported that the first lady who broke away from the NDC was being approached by top members in the party and are lobbying for her return to the party.

However the former first lady has said “I am not leaving the NDP for NDC”.

Bribery and corruption, disrespect and destruction of works at the grassroots influenced her decision to leave the party, she said, adding that no party can thrive on untruthfulness.

She said that the NDP is making efforts in order for it to be duly represented at the 2016 presidential elections but was unable to tell if she will be the flag bearer.

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