Wanlov Woos Kenkey Seller

Afro-gypsy musician, Wanlov the Kubolor, certainly has a unique way of generating controversy with seemingly simple things of everyday life.

NEWS-ONE has photos of the musician, who walks around barefooted and also without any underpants except a piece of cloth wrapped round his waist, in a heart-to-heart chat with an old lady selling Kenkey along the streets of Kokomlemle in Accra.

It is rare to spot a musician or celebrity the status of Wanlov chit-chatting with a local food vendor on the open streets, but he appeared completely relaxed as he engaged the food seller in a rather long talk.

The facial expression and body language of the ‘Cov Ov Moni’ actor was as though he was cooking up sweet words in the ears of the Kenkey seller.

Wanlov had his arm wrapped around the old woman as they both continued with their conversation.

“I just happen to be in the area when Mεnsa and I bought water from the Kenkey seller’s sister. I found the Kenkey seller’s fried fish very attractive so I decide to talk to her about the fish and its prices. We had a long chat before I left, and she even asked that I pass by anytime I was in the neighbourhood,” he told NEWS-ONE.

Wanlov and his lyric twin Mεnsa will perform at the Tribe One Dinokeng festival in Tshwane, South Africa, come September 24.

The duo are part of the few musicians who will lift the flag of Ghana high at the music festival.

The three-day music festival will also feature some Ghanaian acts like Efya and Sarkodie.

Tribe One Dinokeng festival is organised by ROCKSTAR4000 in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment Africa and the City of Tshwane.

The event will be the first of its kind on the African continent, and will be the African continent’s debut on the global music festival circuit, boasting a unique multi-day, multi-stage musical extravaganza yet to be experienced on the African soil.