READER’S DISCRETION: Wade Robson Insists Michael Jackson’s Estate Must Admit MJ Anally defiled Him


Wow, this is some deep stuff……….I advice you don’t read this if certain s*xual details disgust you.

Michael Jackson’s child molestation accuser and famous dance choreographer — Wade Robson, is back again. And this time, Wade has filed new court documents detailing the star’s allegedly sordid acts.

You recall that Robson and his family had testified in Michael Jackson’s defense at the People v. Jackson trial in 2005 adamantly defending Michael Jackson.

Only for 4 years after MJ’s death, in 2013, Robson alleged Jackson had sexually abused him as a child, and that he is suing the Jackson estate.

Now, according to new court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Wade had made some shocking s*xual molestation accusations against the late King Of Pop which he wants Michael’s estate to admit to.

Read the details below +Warning: Reader’s discretion is advised

Via RadarOnline:

Michael Jackson‘s molestation accuser, choreographer Wade Robson, has filed explosive new court documents accusing the King Of Pop of committing a wide array of s*xual
acts against him, including fellatio, mutual self service, and even an*l r*pe.

The documents, filed in Robson’s case against MJJ Productions, Jackson’s estate, reveal that Robson is seeking admissions that between 1990 and 1997 Jackson committed several disturbing acts against Robson at a “his ranch in Santa Barbara County” and elsewhere.

Robson’s attorneys start the request innocently enough, asking Jackson’s estate to admit that Jackson “invited Robson and his family to stay at Jackson’s ranch in February, 1990.” There, the documents ask the estate to admit Jackson “employed an audible alarm system for his bedroom and hung ‘do not disturb’ signs on his bedroom door.”

Inside the bedroom, the documents as Jackson’s estate to admit, “s*xual activities occurred between Jackson and Wade Robson periodically during the time period from approximately 1990 to 1997,” when Robson was between the ages of 7 and 14.

Those activities included:

Jackson “putting his hand over Robson’s clothed man-hood,”

“putting his hand inside Wade Robson’s underpants,”

“taking Wade Robson’s hand and putting it over [Jackson’s] clothed man-hood,”

“taking Wade Robson’s hand and putting it inside [Jackson’s] underpants,”

“French kissing,”

“rubbing Wade Robson’s man-hood,”

“having Wade Robson rub [Jackson’s] man-hood,”

“licking Wade Robson’s anus while [Jackson] masturbated using lotion,”

“the mutual fondling of private parts” with hands and mouths,

“mutual fellatio,”

“lying on top of [each other] gyrating their private parts together,”

“showering unclad together,”

“penetration of Wade Robson’s anus with Jackson’s man-hood.

that MJ also “showed Wade Robson explicit adult p****graphy in the form of magazines, books, and videos,”

“told Robson he loved him” and “called Robson ‘son’”

the documents ask the estate to admit Jackson “told Robson that if anyone were to ever find out about their s*xual activities, both of their careers would be over,”

the documents ask the estate to admit that Jackson “told Robson that if anyone were ever to find out about their s*xual activities, they would go to jail.”

Jackson’s estate initially responded to the interrogatories with a request for more time, according to the court documents, with the claim that they “could not possibly admit the vast majority of the [allegations] given that the only person … who could conceivably have knowledge of the requested subject matters has been deceased for over five years.”

Robson’s attorney fired back, “Just because Michael Jackson is dead does not alleviate the corporations’ responsibility to respond…”