Paul Play Issues Law-Suit Against Etisalat and Nigerian Idol Over Unauthorized Usage Of His Song


Veteran Nigerian Afro R&B star — Paul I.K Dairo has taken a bold step as he sues Etisalat and Optima Media Group who stages the yearly Nigerian Idol show.

He grievance is the unauthorized usage of his song, Mosorire.

Paul Play is accusing them of reproducing his song on the show and airing it on air as well as their you tube channel without his consent.


According to a source, Paul Play wouldn’t have sued them if only the companies agreed to his terms when his lawyers wrote them, but they turned deaf ears to him and his lawyers instead, which left them with no choice than to sue them.

Paul Play has sued them for N200m for special and general damages for the flagrant and unlawful exploitation of his copyrighted work. The case is expected to be heard in court soon.

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