A Stone For Bawumia

At long last the truth is out: Ghana after all is in crisis and not facing mere challenges as the ilk of Fiifi Kwetey and Felix Kwakye Ofosu have been feeding innocent and gullible citizens on.

For building their political careers on untruths about the state of the economy as the ship of state continues to list dangerously in choppy waters, these persons are fit to be marched to the gallows. Their uncouthness and state of denial about the verity of the economy’s health status has cost the country lives and dwindling educational standards, among other drawbacks.

We wonder what the now political dumb Jerry John Rawlings, thinks about them in his heart of hearts. They had the guts to insult those who saw things differently about the economy. These political dwarfs stand on the dais of state to showcase their insulting prowess with impunity.

We are constrained to point out that one of the challenges that are bedevilling the Mahama administration is the engagement of political novices – and even nitwits – to assist him in the arduous task of running the state, especially management of the economy.

We are where we are today because of this reality. Governance, which entails among others, the management of the economy to put it on a sound footing, is not about vitriolic utterances, which as noted in previous commentaries, have remained the hallmark of this incumbent administration: it requires listening to good counsel and delivering on promises to put an economy on a wholesome footing.

When unfortunately government appointees resort to open thievery of the public purse and encourage reckless expenditure without considering revenue and total inflow to the coffers, the act can best be described as governance irresponsibility. We are at the lowest ebb in governance – the worst since independence – courtesy the ineptitude and irresponsibility of those at the helm: the most shameful categorisation of the Cedi and our resort to the IMF, the last resort, say it all.

Where are they who rained vitriolic statements on Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for being brusque about the state of the economy?

Now we are IMF-bound as President Mahama, crest-fallen, swallows his sputum. Shouldn’t he bow his head in shame after denying that such an option was being considered? Where are the so-called home-grown options? Responsible governance where art thou?

While Fiifi Kwetey, notorious for his disregard for truth and decency, described Dr. Bawumia as an unpatriotic person, Nii Moi Thomson, economic advisor to the President, regarded the observation of Bawumia – the former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana – about the economy as flawed. When academics toe the line of propagandists, we are constrained to associate them with those spotting the “academic fraud” label and who offer their conscience for sale for a pittance.

Now that Dr. Bawumia has been vindicated by the reality of the economy, what would Nii Moi Thomson tell us? As for Felix Kwakye Ofosu he went to the extent of exposing his challenged morality by lying between his teeth about the state of the economy, either because of ignorance or out of arrant irresponsibility.

The quality of good upbringing manifests in various activities of an individual. For some, it shows in the manner in which they react to situations and how they succumb to the dictates of their tummies.

Dr. Bawumia, accept your proverbial stone and laugh last.