Youth Empowerment: The Team Of Popular Youth (Topy) Shows The Way

When the National President and the National Project Coordinator of the Team Of Popular Youth (TOPY), Marcus Garvin Adampah (Gen MaGA) and Comrade Raymond Tettevi, visited the University of Cape Coast in March 2013 to interact with the UCC branch of the group, it became evidently clear that what the youths needed in Ghana today is a paradigm shift in the mind-sets concerning the socio-economic advancement of our people.

The speeches delivered at this program saw many of the youth beaming with hope and enthusiasm to do something different after their university education. It was therefore not surprising that just a month after that program, two gentlemen of TOPY approached the National Project Co-ordinator to assist them with a project idea and the necessary guidance as they entered into a business plan competition.

After completing the Bachelor of Commerce degree program from the University of Cape Coast, one would have suspected that Abdul-Jalilu Abdullai and his friend Abubakari Amadu would join the list of unemployed graduates to strew job applications all over the place and wait for a miracle to happen to their economic life.

On the contrary, the two who are members of the Team Of Popular Youth (TOPY) took an early decision to be in control of their own destiny. Just before leaving school, they entered a business plan competition with one of TOPY’s projects modules and won the first price with an award of EUR 6,000 to establish their own business. (in the picture is Abubakari on the left, Abdul-Jalilu in the middle and Raymond Tettevi on the right)

Currently, the design and development plans have been completed and reviewed for the commencement of work at the project site. The two gentlemen are now therefore the executive directors of MOGRACOM Limited, a company formed to provide the Ghanaian household with quality grasscutter meat in various packages.

Speaking to this reporter soon after the award ceremony, Abdul-Jalilu was full of praise to the President of the Team Of Popular Youth (TOPY), Marcus Garvin Adampah for creating the platform that re-directs the mindset of the youth away from ‘without’ to ‘within’. He said, ‘there was no way a fresh bachelor of commerce graduate would ever think anything agriculture let alone dare to own a business in that area where he or she did no academic study. Today we are confident that our future and our economic fortunes are on course’.

The business plan competition was organized by Bonn-Reign Siege University of Applied Science in Germany and the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. The two universities are collaborating to raise young entrepreneurs for a sustainable economic development in Africa. The second and third award winners were given various amounts as well. The award also comes with a mentorship and coaching program to ensure that the young men are given the right managerial skills to excel in their chosen area of business.

In a recent follow-up visit by representatives from Bonn-Reign Siege University, in a company of some German Journalists, the discussion focused on the preparedness of the mentor companies to make additional funds available to MOGRACOM upon a successful take-off. An advance order was also placed for the fur of the grasscutter by one of the firms on the trip.

The Team Of Popular Youth takes the opportunity to congratulate Abdul-Jalilu and Abubakari for their hard work and conviction which has demonstrated what TOPY stands for.

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