The Supreme Court Ruling On Woyome: The Story Has Only Just Begun

The Supreme Court last Tuesday July 29, 2014 ruled that businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome had no valid contract with the Government of Ghana and therefore could not make any claims for a breach of a non-existent contract. The Court ordered that Mr. Woyome refunds to Ghana Government an amount of GH¢51.2 million he “fraudulently” appropriated.

The ruling came as a result of a writ filed by Mr. Martin Amidu, a dismissed Attorney General and Minister of Justice in the Mills-Mahama Government challenging the payment of GH¢51.2 million by the NDC Government to Mr. Woyome. Mr. Amidu was dismissed because this same challenge was deemed at the time, to be disrespectful to the late President Mills.

Since the ruling last week, a lot of commentary has gone on, on the matter and a lot of people appear to have egg on their faces. We recall how a former Attorney General ordered the payment and how her deputy staunchly defended their position saying that Ghana Government had no case against Mr. Woyome. We also recall how government officials competed among themselves on radio and television to defend Mr. Woyome and his claims.

When Mr. Martin Amidu was later made Attorney General he studied the case and concluded that Mr. Woyome’s claims were fraudulent and that he was prepared to go to court to retrieve the monies but his government will have none of it. He was vilified in the pro government media and eventually hounded out of office.

Once Mr. Amidu was thrown out of government he intensified his efforts to pursue the matter and last Tuesday’s Supreme Court verdict was his reward. But this verdict is about to open the Pandora box and to really show to Ghanaians who the government truly is.

Why is Betty Mould Iddirisu, the Attorney General who ordered the payments, still walking a free woman on the streets of Ghana?
How does Mr. Barton Oduro who was at the time a Deputy Attorney General and defended the payment to the hilt feel now?

And how can a government that dismissed an Attorney General who was pursuing a national interest like this still claim that it is disposed to fighting corruption in the country? As far back as January 20, 2014 the SCANDAL challenged the Government saying that if they truly want to fight corruption then they should arrest certain members of the Government but our call was met with a deafening silence.

Seven months down the road the challenge has returned and whether they like it or not they will have to answer. One thing is clear; the Supreme Court Ruling is an eternal record and they have to act on it or someone else will do it for them.

In all these, one thing really bothers The SCANDAL. We cannot understand how a people who were elected to look after the interest of Ghana and its people can so unashamedly collude with others to dupe the nation in this manner? What a shock?