Somotex, LG Launches ‘Mosquito Away Air-Conditioner’

Somotex and LG have unveiled another mind-boggling LG Mosquito Away Air-conditioner with an ultrasonic wave technology which repels mosquitoes.

Ghana, following Nigeria, is the second country to receive this technology specifically built for the Ghanaian and African markets that incorporates an impressive function that uses ultrasonic wave to combat mosquitoes.

The Vice President of somotex-Ghana Limited, Mr. Pranab Mohanty said LG’s mosquito away air-conditioner has been built to withstand ghana’s current stifling heat and humidity, delivering a powerful cooling performance and superior durability.

According to the Vice President, they will continue to deliever products that will ensure consumers comfort and good healthy life.

Mr. Prenab added the Mosquito Away Air-conditioner come with all the advantages of LG’s advanced air-conditioning technologies such its powerful and rapid cooling and dependable operation in extreme temperatures.

He said the new product is durable, eco-friendly and has a quick cooling within 2-3minutes and works when the cooling function is off.

Mr. Johnny Jeong, General Manager, LG Electronic Air-conditioning Division-West Africa Operations indicates they are confident that the mosquito away air-conditioner will meet the needs of consumers in the ghana and the African continent.

The new technology, he said, comes with powerful cooling and extreme durability which is more than a match for the country’s challenging mosquito bites hence, reducing the high rates of malaria cases in the country.

Nii Ayi Hyde, the Executive Director of somotex Ghana Limted added that this new product comes a comprehensive auto cleaning function which prevents bacteria and molds forming inside the heat exchanger that helps to create hygienic and odor-free atmosphere.

He said, with the aid of the triple-filler, it eliminates air-borne chemical particles and unpleasant odors for a more pleasant indoor environment.

The mosquito away proves its effectiveness by knocking down 64 percent of female anopheles mosquitoes within 24hrs, and repelling 82percent overall.

The air conditioner’s ultrasonic waves disrupt the mosquito cells and cause paralysis, confusion which often leads to death.

However, its chemical-based insecticides and repellants technology is proven harmless to humans and pets at home.

LG, due to the erratic power supply, has implemented the low voltage starter (LVS) which enables the Mosquito Away product to operate continuously, even at lower voltage.

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