Peter of P-Square threatens to expose his bank for fraud

Peter Okoye, a member of Nigerian music group, P-Square has threatened to expose a bank he says he has saved with for the past six years.

The musician is accusing the unnamed bank of fraud.

‘Has any1 experienced fraudulent transactions with a BANK before?…. Cos am about to EXPOSE one of the bank i have been with for over 6yrs,’ Peter posted on Instagram.

The ‘Chop My Money’ hit singer threatened that if the bank does not return his money by Friday, August 8, he will bring a suit and expose it.

‘Return all my money or I will EXPOSE you and SUE you. I will reveal the BANK on Friday 8th of August. 5days to go #finalwarning,’ he said.

A fan who was not amused by the channel Peter was using to vent his issues with the bank said: ‘Warning the bank here on Instagram won’t bring your money back, act like a Man; go to the Bank and Talk to them. You must not bring everything on social network.’

Another fan, making reference to the ‘Chop My Money’ song saying: ‘na you sing you must chop my money i don’t care, so this bank want to chop your money they know you no care’.

Story by Ghana | | Ernest Dela Aglanu (Twitter: @delaXdela / Instagram: citizendela)

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