Our Signatures Were Forged…Kumasi Assemblymen

Kojo Bonsu

Kojo Bonsu

Kojo Bonsu
Nine Assemblymen of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), said to be part of the 46 assemblymen calling for Kojo Bonsu’s removal from office, have distanced themselves from the plot.

According to the aggrieved assemblymen, they were not part of the supposed 46 assemblymen in Kumasi that had been plotting the impeachment of Kojo Bonsu as Kumasi Mayor.

They therefore appealed to the leadership of the KMA to invite the BNI to investigate matter and bring to book the persons that

wrote their names and forged their signatures on a sheet containing the names of the people calling for Kojo Bonsu’s head.

A sheet containing a list of 46 assemblymen calling for the ousting of Kojo Bonsu circulated in Kumasi last week. The assemblymen accused Kojo Bonsu of ineffective leadership.

The KMA boasts of 135 assemblymen and before a meeting could be called for the Mayor to be impeached, a total of 45 assemblymen, forming one-third of the House, should be secured.

The nine assemblymen, however, stated that they knew nothing about the impeachment ploy, and consequently authored letters, stating their innocence and submitted them to the assembly, copies of which are in possession of DAILY GUIDE.

They stated in the letters that they were shocked to the marrow to see their names and purported signatures boldly on a sheet of paper, as being part of the supposed 46 peeved assemblymen.

The nine assemblymen suspected that there was a fishy deal going on, and consequently appealed passionately to the leadership of the assembly to quickly probe the matter further.

The assemblymen argued that the people that forged their signatures had committed a serious crime so the BNI should be contacted to investigate the case and punish the perpetrators.

Hon. Kwaku Frimpong, Assemblyman for Ayigya, said he was voted to the House to bring development to his area, adding that he was not ready to indulge in partisan politics and unnecessary backbiting in the assembly.

According to him, he had no problem with Kojo Bonsu, as regards how the latter was acting as Kumasi mayor, so it would be unfair on his part to call for a vote of no confidence to be passed on the Mayor.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

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