BOST And TSL Ghana Initiate Operation 24 To Boost Operations

The Bulk Oil Storage and Transport Company (BOST) is positioning itself to become one of the most efficient players in Ghana’s energy sector. In its quest to achieve this feat, BOST has launched an ambitious project; operation 24.

Operation 24 is a systematic upgrading process currently ongoing within all BOST facilities nationwide.

As part of operation 24, all machines within BOST operation facilities are being upgraded. The upgrade, expected to be completed by the end of the year, involves automation of all BOST operations to reduce human involvement in all level of BOST operations.

Flow meters are also being installed as means of preventing product losses while high capacity pumps are also being fixed to help in faster and more efficient product delivery. Roads leading to the various depots as well as those within the various facilities are all being given a significant facelift.

These upgrades when completed are expected to help revitalize BOST and make it more relevant in the energy sector. Operations 24 will make BOST one of the leading logistics company operating within the West Africa sub region.

BOST as part of its efforts to reduce product loss and consequently, financial losses is partnering with TSL Logistics Ghana Limited for the ongoing systems upgrade. TSL apart from investing in the company is also taking charge of terminal operations in BOST depots throughout the country for a number of years with a piloting currently underway in the various depots.

According to the management of BOST is extremely determined to champion the growth agenda of the company and is grateful to the government of Ghana, the sole shareholder of the company for its support for the expansion programme currently ongoing within BOST.

BOST yesterday embarked on an opened door media tour to various operational depots in the southern part of Ghana these include the akosombo depot,Adomi maame water and tema.These depots serve the northern part of Ghana and some part of the Volta region, both depots has the capacity of 15million liters and 17.5million gallons respectively.

Most of the facilities visited were not in operation due to the closure of the Adomi Bridge and according to BOST the facility will resume operations soon after the repair works on the Adomi Bridge was over.

The government of Ghana under the Better Ghana ‘Agenda’ has mandated BOST under the Ministry of Energy to quickly consider the installation of LPG storage to augment the existing private sector.

The commencement of oil production in Ghana has brought about changes in the mandate of state institutions and state owned companies operating in the energy sector among them BOST,with its original mandate of managing Ghana’s strategic stocks of petroleum products. BOST is now expected to join other sister energy sector institutions to spearhead the country’s energy reserve stocks.

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