Students Of Colleges Of Education Ask ”Where Is Our Feeding Fees?”

Students of the various colleges of education in the country are asking the whereabouts of their feeding fees which they heard had been released by the government as it promised.

According to the students, at the mid stages of the just ended semester, they heard government had released the feeding fees as it promised to take care of before withdrawing the teacher trainee allowance.

Barely two to three months into office of the John Dramani Mahama led NDC government it hinted to withdraw the teacher trainee allowance to enable government to admit more students into the various colleges of education as a measure to deal with the perennial shortage of teachers, particularly in the rural areas and promised it will take care of the students feeding.

Unfortunately on the part of the students they had to pay the full admission fees including the feeding fees which the government promised to take care of with an indication on their admission letters

that their monies will be refund to them if government releases the money as it promised, the first semester ended with them hearing nothing from the government relating to that and went ahead to pay for the second semester with same indication.

This pushed some of the students, who felt they were being cheated by their colleges as their meals do not tally with the 504 Cedis they are paid to tell their colleges to stop feeding them and allow them to fend for themselves since the government is not ready to take care of their feeding but the colleges
wouldn’t listen as they insisted the students have to pay.

Fortunate enough, at the mid to the later stages of the just ended semester, there were speculation throughout the various colleges indicating government has release the feeding fees to the colleges but
as at now they don’t know the true part of it, because they left campus without any confirmation. This has left the students in a state of doubt as either their monies are in or not.

Abdul Rahman Abugri, a level 100 student of Gbewaa College Of education expressed his worries as ” Now we don’t know either our monies are in or not, our principal last told us at assembly that the
government has released the money but the colleges are yet to receive them and since then we have heard nothing again ” another Williams

Aneba of St. John Bosco’s College Of Education said ” I am very sure our monies are in that is why our fees for next semester were not given to us, I believe they want to do some deductions before.”

The sad part of the story is most of them are complaining they will find it difficult to pay their fees without that money, Cletus Anaba Mark also of Gbewaa College Of education said ” To be frank with you, I will find it very difficult to pay my fee without that money and am sure there many like me because as am talking to you now some people have not finish paying their fees for last semester which was even far less than this. ”

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