LG & Somotex Ghana Launches New ‘Mosquito Away Air Conditioner’ In Ghana

As part of LG and Somotex Ghana limited’s contribution and efforts at investing in Ghana and Africa as whole, the company has introduced to Ghanaians a new air conditioner called ‘Mosquito Away’ air conditioner which seeks to protect the lives of individuals against Malaria.

Executive Director of Somotex Ghana Limited, Nii Ayi Hyde, said the LG Mosquito Away air conditioner is specifically built for the Ghanaian and African market with comprehensive Auto cleaning function which prevents bacteria and mold from forming inside the heat exchanger and this helps to create hygienic and odor-free atmosphere, with the aid of the Triple Filter.

He stressed that it also eliminates airborne chemical particles and unpleasant odors for a more pleasant indoor environment.

Vice president of Somotex Ghana limited, Mr. Pranab Mohanty, said LG’s Mosquito Away has been built to withstand Ghana’s current stifling heat and humidity, delivering a powerful cooling performance and superior durability.

”The Mosquito Away function can be turned on independently of cooling, helping to prevent unnecessary energy usage” Somotex Vice President Stated.

He added that when the strong cooling is needed, the jet cool function and the product’s large, efficient fan deliver an increased volume of airflow. Due to the unstable power supply in Africa, LG has implemented the low voltage starter (LVS) which enables the affordably priced Mosquito Away to operate continuously, even at lower voltages.

‘We will continue to deliver products that ensure consumer’s comfort and health Life,’ he further assured.

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