Ebola scare in Cape Coast as fishermen return from Liberia without screening

Residents along the fishing communities in the Central Region are living in fear of the Ebola scourge following the arrival in droves of fishermen returning home from their expedition in Liberia.

With Liberia profiled as one of the Ebola infected countries in West Africa, the arrival of these fishermen is causing panic in the various communities there.

Joy News has learnt that these returnee fishermen have not been screened, a situation that has left residents in Senya Bereku, Awutu, Winneba, Gomoa Fete, Nyanyano, Edina, Komenda, Saltpand deeply worried.

Only yesterday an inter-ministerial taskforce outlined comprehensive measures to prevent an outbreak of the virus in the country.

As part of those measures, travellers entering the country from the various border posts would be screened thoroughly.

A ban of flights from countries afflicted with the virus also remains an option.

It appears however that the members of the taskforce have not averted their minds to the potential threat of returnee fishermen along the coast.

Joy News’ Central Region correspondent Richard Kojo Nyarko reports opinion leaders in the Central Region are worried about the lack of screening for those fishermen who are returning from Liberia.

One Opinion leader, Nana Kojo Mbia, is reported to have informed the chief fisherman in the region to inform those fishermen in Liberia not to return to Ghana, at least for now.

Kojo Nyarko said the many health posts in the communities are ill-prepared to fight the scourge if it breaks out.

He further stated that some three people who arrived by air from Liberia for a funeral in the region are yet to be screened for the Ebola Virus.

Ebola has claimed over 700 lives across the West African sub-region with Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Guinea all recording its cases.

The disease has about 90% fatality rate and is transmitted by direct contact with the blood, body fluids and tissues of infected animals or people.

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